Importance of Funeral Services For Muslims

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Superiority of Islamic Funeral:

It is narrated from Hazrat Ali that Muhammad (PBUH) said: the one who will take a bath to a dead body, fragrant with mushkafoor (itar) and took all funeral responsibility including funeral prayer. Ignore anything wrong about him/her then he will pure from sins like he is born today. Responsibility of Funeral has an ultimate virtue. Whenever you hear news of death of Muslim brother or sister, You should come into his/her funeral said by Muhammad (PBUH).

Virtue of Compassionate:

It is narrated from Hazrat Jaabar that Muhammad (PBUH) said one who will Condolence of his brother then Allah will dress him up of discreet.

Virtue of Make happy to other Muslim Brother:

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, the who will make happy his other Muslim brother, Allah give responsibility to an Angel pray for him. When his time of death comes and he is buried then the same Angel comes and asks him do you know me, he replies i don’t know who are you then Angel tells him that I am that happiness which you took into other Muslim brother’s heart. I will release your hardships and will help you in answers. I will give recommendations to Allah on the judgment day. I will take you into Jannat.

Don’t say Bad Words For ilness:

It is narrated from from Hazrat jabbar that Rasool Allah (PBUH) went to a Sahabi and said why are you shivering what happened to you. Sahabi replied: I am in pain with this bad thing (illness) then Hazrat Prophet PBUH said do not say illness a bad thing because it will wipe out your sins.

A Lady sahabi said I was ill and Muhammad (PBUH) came to ask my condition and said If momin (Muslim) is ill   then this illness will wipe out his/her all sins just like fire can wash the silver’s all scars.

This hadith give us lesson that if we fall down in condition of illness then we should blessed to Almighty Allah because it will be Atonement of our sins. We should go to visit to the sick person because it is Sunnah of Our prophet (PBUH) and it will give us reward.

Bayan of Last Breath:

Last breath meaning hold anything tightly and pull towards your side which mean soul out of body. Everything who came into this world it will go back on the time of death which is called death. The one who came in the world he or she will go back to Allah on the death time. Life is going to end day by day. Hazrat Syed-e-Na Mansoor Bin Ammar advised to a youngster your young age is all about bluff and many youngsters did Tobba (Abjure) very late and this delay caused send them into grave.

Remember Death:

Prophet PBUH said: Remember your death every time. In one Hadith, the one who remember his death in 20 times a day Allah will get him Up from Shaheeds (Martyr) on Day of Judgment.

Intelligent Believers:

It is narrated from Syed Ibn-e-Umro One Ansari came to Prophet PBUH and ask who is more intelligent. Prophet PBUH replied: The one who remember his death more and prepare himself in good ways (e.g. Pray, Roza Hajj, Zakat).

So we should also always remember our death and get ready for the judgment day. Do tobba (Abjure) and promise to yourself that I will not do Sins in my next life.


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